I help solopreneurs, b2b brands, nonprofits, musicians, and authors to attract and engage the right people. Take a look at some of the services I offer. Then drop me a note and let’s see what we can do together! 


Before you can make decisions about what you’re offering the world or how you’ll get the world to notice, you’ve got to lay a solid foundation for your brand. My brand platform will do exactly that. And my unique approach to marketing personas will enable both marketing and sales to work more effectively.

  • Brand platform
  • Marketing personas
  • Brand identity + style


Remember when your online presence was as simple as a website with some copy? (It’s ok if you don’t, that was a long time ago.) I can manage or optimize every aspect of your online presence today -- lead a website relaunch, improve your SEO, create a blog calendar for you and manage the bloggers. I’m here to let you focus on the business of your business.

  • Blog management
  • Website management
  • SEO


In partnership with you, I’ll create a comprehensive content marketing strategy that defines your content platform and provides an actionable strategy including messaging, channels, and tactics. And I can manage production of any type of content -- video, blog, sales sheets, ebooks, client stories, and more.

  • Content strategy
  • Content production
  • Copy writing


For organizations large or small, success largely depends on the right people, platforms, and partnerships. Don’t sink time and money into the wrong email, marketing automation, or CMS platforms. And don’t let your teams spend another minute wondering when marketing will deliver those leads or what sales is doing with the leads when they come in.

  • Marketing+sales alignment
  • Marketing automation platform selection
  • CMS platform selection


Your brand's growth depends on connecting with people. Email programs that keep you top-of-mind and social media channels that attract and engage. I can grow your audiences and create engaging experiences that grow the business. And I’ll translate the data for you so you know what’s working and why.

  • Drip campaigns
  • Newsletters
  • Social media strategy + management


When you’ve got something big happening, like a product launch or a book drop, I can help you get your shiny new thing out to the world through multi-channel campaigns that leverage the right channels, messages, and tactics for you. From planning to execution to review & optimization, I've got you covered.

  • Campaign strategy
  • Campaign execution
  • Campaign performance review


Not sure exactly what kind of help you need? That's ok!
Reach out and let's see what we can make happen. Really. Let’s chat about what’s standing in your way...and figure out how I can help.