"Rachel provided me exactly the help that I needed to create a website for my business."

"I'm really happy with the results. I now consider my website to appear professional and very much in line with the messaging and values of my business. Rachel was also a pleasure to work with the whole way through the process. I recommend her to anyone looking for marketing help, and will likely work with her again the future myself."

- Brad Mewhort
Principal, Inspired Test Prep


"Rachel did an excellent job as the owner of the social and marketing components of offerletter.io's product and web presence. I would hire her again in a heartbeat."

The most unexpected (and valuable) contribution was actually the user experience and funnel optimization she drove on. Rachel took a proactive and critical eye to the product, cut unnecessary design fat, and heavily improved on the experience. This ultimately drove real revenue. I wasn't expecting highly competent user experience and interaction design feedback when I put out the job posting, but I'm pleased to have received it.

— Vaibhav Mallya
Founder and Lead Engineer, offerletter.io

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"Rachel is one of the smartest, quickest, most forward-thinking marketers I've had the pleasure of working with."

"She stays a step ahead of new trends and what's happening in the marketplace. "Good enough" is never good enough for Rachel; she pushes herself and those around her to achieve excellence every time."

— Jessica Fein
VP, Corporate Marketing & Creative Services, Bright Horizons


Rachel "leaned right into the fear, and consistently lead and engaged peers with thoughtfulness, care, and respect." Her generosity showed in "thoughtful and meaningful feedback, massive in-group contribution to individual and group content, and vulnerable exploration of [my] inner process."

— altMBA5 peers' nominations for the Wendy Kopp Cohort Award


"Rachel is an energizing catalyst for any marketing team." 

"She championed our company’s transition from a traditional sales operation to a strategic partnership between marketing and sales, generating and nurturing inbound leads. She truly was a bridge between two very separate teams, with a vision and thought path that she communicated effectively at all levels, from C suite to the field. Her knowledge of digital media and marketing automation is comprehensive and constantly renewed (although I don’t know where she finds the time to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape). Her project management skills are superb. She is an innovative, creative and collaborative marketing strategist. And, finally, Rachel is just simply a lot of fun to work with: quick to laugh, high-energy, and an enthusiastic and engaged leader on any marketing team."


- Jean Ann Schulte
Director, Employer Relations & Recruiting Services, Career Development Office at MIT Sloan School of Management (former VP, Marketing Operations, Bright Horizons) 


“An absolute pleasure to work with”

"It is an absolute pleasure each time I work with Rachel. I appreciate how she listens to the goals for the initiative, reshapes them so they actually make sense and are doable, and then creates a workable action plan."

— An In-House Client at Bright Horizons


"Rachel is one of the most organized, competent and thoughtful marketing professionals I've worked with."

"In every meeting Rachel was prepared with notes on previous meetings, items to address, and well-thought approaches to our work. Even if someone else was "responsible" for the meeting, Rachel was always the most prepared! I appreciate her collaborative, inclusive approach and her sensitivity to accurately representing data (my area) without overstating for the sake of marketing. She was always able to approach a marketing task with a compelling, creative, and honest approach. I would love to have Rachel on every team I'm on. 

Lucy English, PhD
Managing Director of Institutional Research at Horizons Workforce Consulting