I've been the managing editor of the industry thought leadership blog, Solutions at Work, for several years. Since the beginning, I've grown the readership exponentially. Most notably, to date in 2016 we're seeing month-over-month increases as high as 30% thanks to increased content quantity and quality, a growing newsletter subscription list, and amplification of posts across Twitter and LinkedIn. 

Telling the story of a multi-service, global, and growing complex b2b service provider can be complicated. It requires balanced attention to each business line, timely focus on the issues that matter most to a niche high-value audience, and strategic amplification across the right social channels via both paid and organic options. I've carefully managed, and now supervise, a content calendar to achieve these objectives in a voice that's both informative and accessible.

Early on, I launched an internal campaign to recruit subject matter experts from every corner of the organization. I evangelized the power of b2b blogging to the experts themselves as well as their superiors, ensuring full investment from all the right people. We grew to more than two-dozen contributors, then decided to scale back to focus more on a small group of highly-invested, skilled writers representing the range of services and audience interests.

In addition to increasing quantity and quality of content, I've evolved the look and structure of the blog while developing the overall Solutions at Work thought leadership brand. Most recently, I led the creation of a sophisticated in-page call-to-action system. Ungated content is accessed directly within the page. Gated content is accessed in a three-step process within the page. Other blogs employe eye-catching CTAs that link out to landing pages. By keeping the user in the page, we decrease friction and increase likelihood of continued exploration on the blog. 


I'm a regular contributor to both the Solutions at Work blog for employers and the Family Room blog for parents.